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_  undjurekbrüggen Architekten

_  collaborations
        Aimée Muriel
        Studio Amea 

        David Gössler
        Sebastian Sailer, KOSA Architekten
        Marco Bruggmannn
        Leo Hermann 
        Karla Philipp 
        Victor Nagel 

_  team 
        Annemarie Niehaus
        Nina Lehrum

        Yola Fahdt 
        Seida Feldheim
        Jakob Wolters
        Marcus Friede
        Jurek Brüggen

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_ address
        Gotzkowskystraße 33
        10555 Berlin     
        +49 157 50971179

We are always interested in new talented collaborators and appreciate unsolicited applications. Send your inquiry and portfolio (10MB max) to brueggen@undjurekbrueggen.xyz. Please note, that we prefer digital portfolios and that printed portfolios will not be returned. 
We are currently looking for partners willing to invest in an ecological, experimental housing project. If you are interested in working with us contact us via brueggen@undjurekbrueggen.xyz


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_ Architektenkammer Berlin 
        AL Nr. 17712

_ undjurekbrüggen baugewerbliche Architektengesellschaft mbH
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        HRB 220318 B

_ undjurekbrüggen is an architecture practice dedicated to ecology on Earth.